Welcome to SPLASH 2021

We here at Habatat are excited to have you attend the virtual SPLASH 2021 exhibition that opened in early February of 2021 during the Glass Coast Weekend. We have selected 40 of the finest artists working with glass as their art medium, who are masters of color, to exhibition their work. This presentation features artists in the Habatat Family who are working at the height of their career.

It is an honor to partner with the Imagine Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida, for the Glass Coast Weekend starting on Thursday, February 4th and continuing through Saturday. The virtual weekend offers events, talks, a party, an auction, an opening, and more! See the details here: (SIGN UP LINK).

Thank you for visiting. The works on the site are available for purchase and we here at Habatat appreciate your support of the art, artists and the gallery.

Aytac and Davids

We are honored to share SPLASH 2020 with the world and are looking forward to hearing from everyone. As we are unable to see each other face to face during this odd time in history we are happy to share this colorful fine art presentation focused on many of the artists we know and love. Please share on your Facebook and Instagram to get the word out.

We thank you for joining us online!


We are extremely proud to be promoting SPLASH 2021 offering works by a collection of the most talented artists working with he medium of glass in the world.